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FTC Team Helios 5009 team was started in 2011 when a group of former FLL members outgrew the program. When these members graduated from Middle School, they decided to start a FIRST Tech Challenge team at their new High School. The team started as an elective class held during school hours and grew into an after-school club available to all students. The team has made it to the world championship every year since 2011, coming to a total of 9 years in a row, and has won the Inspire Award six times at the Canadian/Alberta Championship. That being said, the team has had the opportunity to travel to both St. Louis, Missouri and Houston, Texas for the FIRST World Championship.

Our team began 9 years ago, having been developed from an FLL team and since then we have seen many bright young students and incredible mentors and coaches.  This year we have four veteran members and six rookies. Our team consists of students from two different schools from the francophone school district based in Edmonton. We also have three former students who have returned as mentors, three returning mentors as well as our two beloved coaches. This year we also have a teacher joining us! To make the best of each individual’s skills on the team, we have divided the team in different sub-teams composed of students and mentors alike.

Our vision is…

to provide a means for students to experience STEM first hand whiles taking part in this amazing robotics program which is FIRST Tech Challenge.

Our team

This year’s Team Helios 5009 has brought together a wide variety of people, each with unique skills and abilities. We united for the purpose of making a robot, and stayed together because of the amazing company of our teammates.

We have a phenomenal group of people on our team who share a deep love for all that is STEM and robot related. This is what defines us as a team, and brings us together as a family. We all came for robots, and stayed for the amazing people we work with and all the memories we have made and will make.

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Our robot

For this year’s challenge, we have decided to make a smaller than ususal robot that can still perform as well as any 18 inch by 18 inch robot.  Our chassis will be 14 1/2 inch by 15 inch wide and 13 3/4 inch high and, as of now, we are able to stack a 7 block high tower not including our cap stone. We are also using a drawer like mechanism as our lift and a double servo grabbing mechanism to be able to simultaneously grab anf lift our blocks as fast as possible.

Unfortunatly, our robot is still under construction so no complete pictures of our robot are available.

Here is our 2018-2019 robot, Rocky, who had placed 6th in the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship in 2019.

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Team Helios has been going to competitions for 9 years now and we always performed well. Below is a list of all of the awards that the team has won throughout the years.

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Our team has a Sponsorship Program in order to recognize the contributions sponsors make that allow us to continue to function as a team. We could not exist without the support of our school (École Maurice-Lavallée) and the community supporting us. 

To view a PDF version of our Sponsorship Program, click here.

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